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As goals, needs, and issues change over time, Vision Business Consulting’s flat organizational structure and proactive approach allow us to adapt to your needs so that you can react at the speed of today’s business. In short Vision Business Consulting simplifies the complex, provides clarity, and provides flexibility.

We Shape you to Adapt

We go above and beyond to provide insightful advice, real-world advice, and tangible results. Defining the environment in which businesses operate involves working closely with policymakers, financiers, and standard-setters. We help you keep moving forward by creating sustainable growth no matter what comes your way and we shape you to adapt to face any color in business. Our firm has always been committed to responsiveness and agility. Since the outbreak of Covid, we have enhanced our technology platforms to ensure our internal communications and client commitments are not compromised. As it is inevitable for our clients to follow correct procedures and practices, we have the know-how to help them make mature decisions and we are fully equipped for that.


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International Incorporation

business consultancy services in dubai

Having extensive knowledge of UAE government processes and a thorough understanding of the market, Vision Business Consulting’s international company formation team provides its clients with comprehensive services that are tailored to their needs. A UAE company can be formed in a step-by-step process without having to consult a lawyer endlessly at every stage of the process. The procedures for incorporation in the United Arab Emirates are regarded as legal, and they include registering company names as well as obtaining licenses for any business setups in Dubai.

In the UAE, each emirate, free zone, and the Federal Government have their regulations and rules for incorporating companies and their operations. When it comes to registering their business in the UAE, Foreign Companies and ividuals have many options. Without the proper permits and licenses, doing business in Dubai is illegal and can result in severe penalties and fines. Having expert advice from company formation services in UAE is always advisable; a small error can end up in holding the application and cause unexpected delays or even rejection of the application for the setup of businesses.

Entities of the following types are common:
● International Investment Companies
● Limited Liability Company (LLC)
● Branches of foreign companies or UAE-based companies
● Commercial Agency or Distributor
● The company provides professional services
● Free Zone Company
● Offshore Company
● Free Lancing


To set up a business in Dubai, the following three categories of license are required:
1. Commercial licenses that cover all kinds of trading activities.
2. Professional licenses for professions, services, craftsmen, and artisans.
3. Industrial licenses for establishing industrial or manufacturing operations.


In general, all UAE-established companies must have 51 percent participation by UAE nationals, except:
● Where local ownership is required by law;
● Free Zones in UAE
● Activities open to 100% ownership by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
● A partnership between a wholly-owned AGCC company and a UAE national;
● Regarding foreign companies registering branches or representative offices in Dubai;
● A company that is 100% foreign-owned can be a professional or artisan company.

The ‘sponsor’, a UAE national, must own 51% of the shares of this company, even though he does not have to invest any money. You can reach an agreement with him regarding the profit-sharing percentage of the fee that will be paid to him instead.The regulatory and compliance advisory services provided by Vision Business Consulting’s professionals are extensive. We provide our clients with effective and efficient advice on a wide range of matters by utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of UAE commercial rules and regulations. Our consultancy service experts are well experienced with all the local and international regulations and their expertise in company formations in UAE will be of great advantage for you to incorporate your business in Mainland, Free zone, or Offshore.To learn more, contact Vision Business Consulting

Post Incorporation Technical Support

business consultancy services in dubai

Procurement Management

Globalization brings with it a variety of challenges such as a vast change in climate, geopolitical upheavals, and a range of health issues. Some opportunities come with increased complexity. Businesses can unlock previously untapped value with automation, digitization, and analytics, to say. For organizations to achieve sustainable benefits, they must identify bottlenecks and opportunities throughout the entire procurement lifecycle, determine their value, and formulate and execute appropriate solutions to achieve and conserve longevity. Provider networks become valuable resources in their organizations when we integrate our Procurement Management solutions. In the process of reducing costs and increasing efficiencies, our specialists design customized solutions that are practical, budget-friendly, and results-oriented.

Talent and Transformation Services

The challenge is to find the right human capabilities, aptitudes, and skills to leverage the power of technology as companies become hybrids, blending human and technological capabilities. This makes human resources more important now than ever before. Businesses with cutting-edge human resource capabilities outperform their competitors financially.

Together with you, we will develop and apply these competencies at Vision Business Consulting. We help you solve today’s issues while planning for the future with comprehensive HR services. Transform your talent management strategies with our services designed to help you reinvent governance, learning,incentives, employee participation, project management, career development, talent search, and retaining employees.

Data Analysis

Strong data strategies help Vision Business Consulting customers increase performance efficiency and improve their processes. We provide info analytics consultancy services that reduce delivery time and improve accuracy and outcome. Based on updated technology and innovative methodologies, Vision Business Consulting works with both your information technology and business development departments to implement analytics designed to deliver measurable results aligned with your strategy and deliver significant competitive advantages.

Analytics Services

In the business world, it is not necessary to labor over data and analytics. Its importance can hardly be overstated. Analytics cuts across sectors and encompasses every aspect of modern business, from consumer and market insight to manufacturing, finance, and marketing. Organizations gain a decisive edge from data analytics because it aids strategic planning, generates economic value, and creates economic value.

Vision Business Consulting’s advanced analytics services help you organize your data and identify the value of each piece of information for your business. Advanced analytics are performed by our experts both on processed and unprocessed data to generate insights, as well as hard business intelligence.

Finance Service

Businesses and markets are changing constantly, which calls for a corresponding transformation of financial operations. Directors of finance and CFOs face some additional challenges as a result of new technologies, large and growing amounts of data, and constant regulatory changes. Finance leadership requires balancing day-to-day execution with major transformation initiatives across strategy, operations, IT, and people. This is why strategic leadership is essential. To meet the demands of modern-day finance, it is essential that the departments adapt.

Cyber Security Services

Vision Business Consulting’s expert team of I.S.A. professionals ensures the uninterrupted availability of your online services while ensuring their reliability and security. Our team will analyze your information system processes and assess the maturity level of your cyber risk management. The design and implementation of your IT protocol are examined after we analyze your risk assessment process and determine the most effective approach to minimize potential hazards. A comprehensive audit report with suggestive measures for enhancing IT security standards will be submitted.

By carefully scrutinizing your IT architecture for security risks, Vision Business Consulting helps you prevent the loss of data and the tampering of data. By leveraging our risk management capabilities, we identify and analyze potential barriers to maximizing revenue growth. Through user-friendly and cost-effective solutions, we combine technical expertise with business intelligence to reinforce your security infrastructure.

Web Development and App Solutions

Organizations are increasingly relying on web-based applications. They must be designed and developed with great care and become increasingly intelligent as time goes on. Every member of the Dubai Vision team follows rigorous documentation and development processes to guarantee the quality of our output. Our software product documentation, engineering, and design services range from product ideation to market readiness.

Since mobile devices are being used more and more, mobile adoption is essential for business success. With Mobility Services, your customers will have a better, more customized experience using their smartphones and tablets to their fullest potential. Deep integration of mobile technologies with existing business infrastructure poses significant operational and IT challenges. Applications using Artificial Intelligence that simplify the lives of Entrepreneurs, management, and personnel deserve special attention. Vision Business Consulting with its team of well-trained and experienced developers can deliver the most effective and customized mobile app development services to suit your business. The outcomes are engaging for users and lasting.Vision Business Consulting’s application development team is capable of developing outstanding web applications and mobile apps. You can count on us for complete application design, development, and maintenance.

In addition to providing training to users, we also provide them with support to enable them to use the applications proficiently and productively. Once the application is up and running, we maintain and manage it. We update the system regularly to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently. Build a sustainable future together with us and stay on top of global change.

Corporate Services

business consultancy services in dubai

As the Middle East’s geographic and economic lynchpin, global investors regard the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a critical component of their operations. It is well-known as a premier location for multinational firms to establish a regional base and serve the high-growth markets of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. It is also the perfect location for a new business setup in Dubai across diverse sectors.

Dubai is the UAE’s second-largest emirate and its most important port and commercial center. It has worked hard to develop itself into a diverse economy. Manufacturing, logistics, financial services, information technology, retail, travel, tourism, healthcare, and education are critical industries, with a particular emphasis on green technologies.

Investing heavily in its transport, telecommunications, energy, and industrial infrastructure has allowed Dubai to attract international business. Unless you are in the oil industry or domestic banking, there are no income taxes or capital taxes in Dubai. Companies in Dubai can also benefit from not having to deal with foreign exchange controls, trade barriers, or quotas, which makes it an ideal location for business setup and company formation. By offering a wide range of company incorporation services, Corporate Services strives to help more and more clients establish businesses. Our firm offers high-end accounting solutions, auditing services, and business consultancy services in Dubai for companies ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. Having the vision to become undeterred partners in our clients’ success, the firm seeks to simplify business challenges for its clients.

We have in-house chartered accountants who will provide you with complete accounting services customized as per your needs at a very competitive rate as part of our Corporate Services. As a specialist in accounting and bookkeeping services, we provide solutions that are consistent with regional norms and laws, as well as compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Controlling payroll is a key function of every business. The most important aspects of payroll management are accuracy, confidentiality, and punctuality. Compliance with labor laws and regulations is also crucial.

Legal and Corporate Governance Services

business consultancy services in dubai

A corporation’s governance can be defined as a set of rules, mechanisms, processes, and relationships by which the corporation is controlled and operated. Governance is a system of management that ensures that the interests of various stakeholders involved with the Company are addressed. It establishes a framework of the organization’s objectives by covering every aspect of management.

DIFC Law Number 5 of 2018, also known as the Companies Law, sets out the corporate governance requirements for companies incorporated in Dubai. Following the establishment of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), companies based in Abu Dhabi must comply with the Companies Regulation and Commercial Licensing Regulation of the ADGM. Corporate Governance provides UAE companies with adequate guidance, direction, and control within the country’s legal system. As well as providing value to the company and its various stakeholders, it also takes social responsibility into account. Sustainable long-term growth can only be achieved by good corporate governance. Here are some
● Strengthening the oversight of the board of directors
● Adding risk management to the board’s responsibilities
● Getting the right balance between risk and long-term performance when remunerating employees.

In addition to laying down the policies to be followed by directors and managers, accounting in reimbursements, employment policies, and other standard operating procedures, these might also determine whether a company is successful in its operation. Our team of legal experts ensures legal compliance for our clients’ offshore companies. We support you with all the challenges involved, including change management within your company, while easing administrative burdens and facilitating smooth internal and external communication.

Managing Corporate Governance

The corporate governance code became effective on 28 April 2020 after being published on 27 February 2020. ccording to the code, corporate governance in the UAE includes its requirements and roles, missions, rights, and sponsibilities for all stakeholder groups. The corporate legal team can implement this governance structure, which is well keeping up with the latest commercial legal reforms. These codes apply to public joint-stock companies (‘PJSCs’) listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange or Dubai Financial Market. The code outlines the code of conduct and the esponsibilities of each stakeholder, such as shareholders, general assembly members, board committees, compliance officers conducting audits, and group subsidiaries.

Shareholders are the key actors who are empowered of selecting the Director Board, Board of Management, Board of supervisors, and placing the Board of Management, depending on various criteria based on the legal owners of the company. A company’s actions, behavior, and accomplishments may cause the company to come into contact with employers, suppliers, customers, financial institutions or others, a neighborhood, the environment, or third parties in general.

Business Information

business consultancy services in dubai

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the second-largest economy in the Arab world, is Dubai. The UAE, located in the Persian Gulf, used to consist of seven independent sheikdoms that later merged to form the modern UAE, of which Dubai is a prominent part. The federal presidential elected monarchy in Dubai has a constitution. When it comes to ease of doing business, Dubai ranks 22nd in the world. The large volume of international trade transacted and the presence of most multinational big brands in Dubai testify to this fact. When operating in a competitive market and fluid international trade market like Dubai, local market knowledge and a capable local partner can offer usable opportunities and long-term benefits.Business Information Reports (BIR) are trusted sources of business information that give insight into a company’s financial health, stability, and payment performance. It’s an industry standard for assessing new and existing credit relationships, particularly medium- to high-risk accounts. The department supports the company’s other divisions, such as marketing and procurement. It provides a detailed profile of a company, including financial information, payment history, trends, history of business, ownership details, operational data, and information about related firms and special events (such as business moves, fires, and other disasters). It is available in millions of establishments around the world.

To enable insights on business setup in Dubai, as well as profitably grow customer bases without increasing risk exposure, we provide the largest and most comprehensive database of business credit reports that includes the most reliable credit risks and financial insights on more than 300 million companies worldwide. Based on the information collected from various data sources, our Business Information reports provide our clients with a clear risk assessment model.

Change Management Consulting

business consultancy services in dubai

Change is the only constant in a world that is constantly evolving. Being agile and embracing this volatility is the difference between surviving and thriving. To introduce, adopt, and support your company through the change management process, we are here to introduce and adopt a process and skillset to achieve a united business goal. Change management is the process of adopting and implementing a procedure and skill set to achieve a common business goal. This objective can be met in three ways:
● For personnel: Developing a method, mindset, and skill set that can be used to embrace personal change.
● For projects: Understanding and communicating the requirements for adoption of a project need. Developing a methodology and process to embrace the change with minimal loss, maximum output, and employee cohesion.
● For enterprises: Providing enterprises with the agility and structure they need to seize new opportunities and embed best practices.

The first thing we will do is consult with the business leaders to understand the goals and the reasons for setting up a business in Sharjah. A gap analysis study will be conducted to determine the difference between the current and required state. Identifying the leaders required to affect the strategy and defining its importance will then follow. Using the best practice principles of project management and proven models, we will train the team with a selected network of change leaders. After that, we will support, train, and coach the transformation towards KPI has driven milestones, with business and personal accountability goals to ensure success.

Eventually, all businesses will face challenges that they can only overcome with a shift in approach and process, whether it be a large business that needs digital transformation, a medium business that needs to pivot, or a small business that needs to implement functions and processes to attract funding. Dubai’s business setup necessitates a unique transformation that’s driven by overarching company needs and market demands.

Operational Management

business consultancy services in dubai

Management of operations is concerned with maximizing efficiency within an organization through the management of business practices. Managing an organization’s processes involves planning, organizing, and overseeing its operations to balance revenues and costs and maximize profits. A manager of operations is responsible for ensuring that inputs such as materials, labor, and technology are effectively converted into outputs.

Business operations management is the art and science of managing a business’ operations to ensure a high level of efficiency. This means the person in charge of the department will need to perform some strategic functions. Designing a product for sale to consumers involves designing one that will satisfy their needs. New ideas must be generated or existing ones expanded upon in a process that will lead to new products. The operations manager ensures that the products sold to consumers meet their needs and are current with market trends.

The quality of the product is more important to consumers than the quantity, so organizations should create systems to ensure that the products produced to meet consumer expectations. Forecasting is the process of making predictions based on experience. Operations management involves predicting events such as consumer demand for the company’s products. Supply chain management is responsible for managing the production process from raw materials to the finished product. This includes everything from production to shipping to distribution and delivery.

An operations manager manages the supply chain process by maintaining control over inventory management, production, distribution, sales, and sourcing of suppliers for required goods at reasonable prices. The majority of the operations manager’s responsibilities involve dealing with people. In other words, they need to be able to interact with employees, outside stakeholders, and other members of senior management. Operations managers should be able to manage the fine lines between themselves and their colleagues by being able to communicate, listen, and relate to them on a professional and personal level.

Coordination is the key to maximizing the use of resources and activities to achieve the organization’s goals, which includes knowing how to integrate resources, activities, and time. During coordination, specific activities are carried out simultaneously and the activities can be switched between with ease. In addition, it involves dealing with interruptions, obstacles, and crises, and going back to normal routine functions efficiently to prevent further interruptions.

Market Entry

business consultancy services in dubai

When you incorporate your business in new markets, you have the opportunity to reach potentially vast numbers of new customers and grow your revenue. The process of incorporating your business can, however, be complicated and time-consuming. To maximize your chances of success when moving into a new market, develop a market entry strategy. Let’s examine some of the reasons for considering moving to a new market, the differences between domestic and international markets, and some strategies you can employ.

Compared to working with an intermediary, this method takes more resources and time. Many other challenges await you, including setting up an exporting infrastructure, training employees, and making and receiving international payments. Additionally, you do not need to pay any third parties, so this approach maximizes your profits. Additionally, you will have complete control over your marketing and sales activities.

Business Plan

business consultancy services in dubai

An effective business plan is also a road map that helps a company plan for the future and avoid obstacles. Your business setup in Sharjah should be thorough, accurate, and kept up-to-date, as it pays big dividends in the long run.

There are generally accepted guidelines regarding the content and format of a business plan. Throughout your plan, you’ll need to address questions that you’ll most likely receive from the people who read it. For example, a business plan should include the following sections:Business plans should be presented in a binder that includes the name of the business, the name(s) of the principals, the address, phone number, e-mail address, and website address, as well as the date. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a fancy binder or cover. Ideally, your readers want to see a plan that looks professional, is easy to read, and is well-organized.

Usually, the business description begins with a short explanation of the industry. In describing the industry, discuss current events as well as potential future growth. You must research all the various markets in the industry, including references to new products and developments that can benefit or hinder your business setup in Sharjah. Ensure that your observations are based on reliable data and cite your sources of information when necessary. Investors and bankers are looking for hard facts; they will not risk money on assumptions or conjectures.

Feasibility & Viability Study

business consultancy services in dubai

There has been a rapid rise in the number of business consultancy services in Dubai. Every day, new companies are launched, no matter how big or small. Many people have the same ideas and run the same types of businesses in Sharjah, and that is why everyone needs to learn about running a business and understand it from every angle.

A business idea or business plan must be researched to ensure that it can be realized and profitable. To put it another way, something must be feasible and viable. You need to do a thorough study to save your business incorporation and make it successful. Whether something is feasible or not depends on how easy or difficult it is and whether you can achieve it or not, whereas viability refers to the ability to operate successfully (make a profit) and ensure that the business works well for a long period. The ability to survive is called feasibility. It determines how easy or difficult it is to achieve something.

The feasibility of a goal or idea should always be considered. You can use it to figure out whether or not something you intend to execute and work will be successful. This plays an important role in the business setup in Sharjah. To assess the feasibility of a project or idea, they conduct a feasibility study. Viability determines whether it will work for how long (duration) and whether it will be successful. Viability can be defined as the ability to work well while earning profits. We can use it to determine if business incorporation or idea is viable and should be continued by evaluating all the factors. A study that determines these factors is called a viability study, and it is very important to the business world.

Investor Search

business consultancy services in dubai

With a long history of working with startups and entrepreneurs, we at Vision Business Consulting as leading Business Consultancy Services in Dubai know that finding committed investors, choosing the right funding sources, and raising capital are big challenges when starting a business. As a result, we built a big network of investors and partnered with many venture capital companies so that startups in our network can easily find investors and raise capital. Among our network of accredited and non-accredited investors are investors from nearly every corner of the globe.

You can connect with investors in our network who are interested in investing in the industry, stage, and country in which your startup operates, if you are a founder and you, are looking for an investor that will invest in your round of funding.

As startups go through the fundraising process, we support them. Our team will prepare high-quality and professional documents the team will need to approach investors, venture capital companies, banks, and other potential funding sources. Furthermore, we connect startups with appropriate angel investors. Using our advanced AI system, we match startups with the right angel investors based on the angel investor’s investment history, preferred industry, and investment criteria. We will use this system to ensure we approach the right angel investors and venture capitalists to increase response rates. Additionally, you will not have to waste your time pitching to unsuitable investors or contacting uninterested individuals.

Business Development

business consultancy services in dubai

At its most basic level, business development can be defined as the process of creating value for an organization or business. This may involve coming up with ideas, initiating initiatives, or increasing profitability. In business development, the goal is to create value for companies and customers by making intelligent business decisions.

The term business development can be unclear and have different meanings depending on who you are talking to. Most people are familiar with the basic functions of different teams within an organization – sales, engineering, finance, etc. Business development has one primary responsibility: growing your business. Different companies will have varying strategies for operationalizing and achieving this goal, but the idea is generally the same for all companies. For business development professionals to effectively target growth opportunities, they need to stay informed about the current market. To generate new business, you must have expert knowledge of your target audience and engage (yes, that means cold-calling) prospects.

To grow, every company needs to acquire new customers, but not every prospective customer will be a good fit for your business setup. It’s necessary for business development reps to become subject matter experts on the criteria they are given for qualifying prospects. It’s also essential for business incorporation in Dubai to identify whether or not a prospect is qualified to buy what your company is selling. They will be able to move down the funnel faster and have a higher probability of closing every opportunity they setup.

Strategy & Innovation

business consultancy services in dubai

Innovation is one of the last remaining sources of trend-breaking growth, yet companies often fail to succeed at it because they approach it like an art, counting on brainstorming and random strokes of genius to get them there. We help companies succeed in today’s competitive markets by adding discipline and order to systematically find new sources of growth.

We assist companies in anticipating and seizing new business opportunities. With diverse perspectives and experiences, our designers, researchers, and strategists tackle challenges from all angles. With a unique blend of innovation and strategy, discipline and creativity, and practicality and ambition, we help companies deal with gnarly problems and deliver viable solutions with long-term impact. In addition to generating and developing new offerings and business setups in Dubai, we are one of the few innovation firms that go beyond opportunity analysis and portfolio management.

We enable clients to move more seamlessly through an integrated innovation process through a powerful combination of our innovative design thinking methods with cutting-edge approaches to change management and strategic implementation. Our team works with senior leaders to identify where opportunities lie within the seemingly chaotic landscape of change to understand how the enterprise and industry may be impacted. After setting a “commitment to innovation”, we help diagnose and address internal breakdowns. Finally, we advise senior leaders about the responsibilities of championing innovation.

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