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Company Formations & Associated Services

Vision Business Consulting is the leading company formation service provider in Dubai, UAE. We assists clients through the whole journey of establishing a company in Dubai. Our experienced business setup consultants provide you with the necessary support and services to help you with company formation in Dubai and other relevant services throughout the UAE.Dubai is one of the best corporate business hubs in the world, with the local government actively encouraging and supporting the development of a fast-paced corplorate structure. Dubai offers favorable business opportunities of company formation for various types of business structures in their respective sectors. Dubai offers a golden corridor for an enterprise to optimally reach markets of West, Asia, Far East, and Africa. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are warmly welcomed to conduct business freely and create success in their stories.

Starting a business in Dubai needs a thorough understanding of choosing the appropriate business structure, types of licensing, and other requirements necessary to establish and grow a business. With the following offerings, we help you at every step for a hassle-free experience:


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Offshore Company Formation

business consultancy services in dubai

A foreign jurisdiction is essential to protect an offshore company’s entire assets from being sued in the event of litigation. A company that follows the entire Jurisdictional process can benefit from tax benefits and increasing investments overseas. Vision Business Consulting is a complete guide to the formation of a company that has been researched extensively, offering step-by-step guidance on how to start a business. Depending on your choice, we will walk you through the entire process of forming a corporation or an LLC. In addition, we facilitate the creation of your corporate bank account. A professional team from our company will also efficiently set up your virtual office based on the highest quality standards.

As the name implies, an offshore company in Dubai is a business entity that conducts business outside of its place of origin or origin of registration. Since the beginning of offshore company registrations in Dubai, UAE in 2003, the UAE has grown into a corporate center. Creating an Offshore company can be an avenue for entrepreneurs and investors to pursue multiple objectives. The UAE offshore company formation facilitates 100% ownership of one’s assets in the UAE and allows one to run a profitable business.

The ownership rights of offshore companies can be enjoyed by both individuals and corporations. In the country where the company is registered, its business operations or transactions are limited. Apart from mainland company formation and free zone company formation, offshore company formation in Dubai is not subject to license issuance. The authorities instead issue certificates of incorporation. It is for the same reason that you can easily complete offshore business setup services in the UAE. Offshore companies are bound by international laws. Kilton’s consultants are able to guide you through all the incorporation formalities with adequate experience and expertise. Incorporating a company should be in line with your business objectives. With our experience in the business domain and contacts with the UAE authorities, we are able to figure out what your business objectives are.

British Virgin Islands, Mauritius, or Seychelles are often considered to be offshore businesses set up friendly and beneficial. Compared to these world-class destinations, UAE hosts some of the best offshore business zones like Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza), Ajman Free Zone, etc

Free-Zone Company Formation

business consultancy services in dubai

It is no secret that Dubai is one of the best markets available, whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a long-term business owner. Having made laws that are friendly for every investor to start a business in Dubai, Dubai provides equal access to every investor. Due to the various provisions introduced by the government from time to time, starting a Dubai Free zone company setup process has become very easy and smooth.

Various business locations are available for investors in Dubai, including mainland Dubai and free zones. When it comes to opening up a business in mainland Dubai, the investor must select a local partner to start the business, and this eventually becomes a turnoff for some investors as they are uncomfortable with having to choose a local partner who will allow them to operate their business in Dubai as per the established laws.

Free zone Dubai company formation in UAE has become extremely popular among the investors due to the requirement of having to select a local partner with 51% shares since such rules are not required for starting a business in a free zone Dubai. Free zones in Dubai have allowed 100 percent foreign ownership as a result, which has made them a big hit with investors.

The free zone company in Dubai is a special economic zone where an investor can have a tax-free status while the trade conditions are such that any investor can manufacture goods. It is possible to import or export goods without having to pay customs duties. Dubai has created free zones at places of transit like seaports and airports to help investors to increase their trading opportunities. There are a number of free zones in Dubai with each one dedicated to a particular type of business activity.

Getting ultimate benefits is made possible by the registration service. Using the best company formation consulting agency will ensure that consultants help you overcome complications in a professional manner. There will thus be no problems for you. Free Zones are becoming increasingly popular, and they are also a great benefit to all, and there are also free consultation services available to all. With these unique options, free zones are the most desirable locations for business owners, and hiring a business consultancy makes it easy to start a free zone business. Generally, the best choice for generating huge profits in a short period of time is the free zone setup. Getting the right guidance is also essential when starting a business.

With nearly 40 free zones across the UAE, Vision Business Consulting assists with company incorporation in the most desirable location chosen by the entrepreneurs. Making the decision on which free zone is best suited to your specific business needs will involve reviewing a lot of information and taking into account a lot of factors, such as location, cost of business setup, type, workspace options, accounting requirements, and many more. Some of the major locations for Free Zone business setup or company formation are listed city-wise below

Abu Dhabi

  • Abu Dhabi Airport Business City
  • Abu Dhabi Media Free Zone – (Media Zone Authority)
  • Masdar City
  • Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)


  • Dubai CommerCity (DCC) free zone

Under Dubai Creative Clusters Authority:-

  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Production City
  • Dubai Studio City
  • Dubai Outsource City
  • Dubai Knowledge Park
  • Dubai International Academic City
  • Dubai Science Park
  • Dubai Design District

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority:-

  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre


  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Healthcare City
  • International Humanitarian City
  • Dubai Maritime City
  • Gold and Diamond Park
  • Dubai South
  • Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Meydan
  • National Industries Park


  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone
  • Hamriyah Free Zone
  • Sharjah Media City – Shams

Ras Al Khaimah

  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone-RAKEZ


  • Ajman Free Zone
  • Ajman Media Free Zone ( Yet to start)

Umm Al Quwain

  • Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone


  • Fujairah Free Zone Authority
  • International Free Zone Authority
  • Creative City

Mainland LLC Company Formation

business consultancy services in dubai

As Dubai and the UAE region reassert their role as a worldwide business hub, a number of foreign investors travel to the region for setting up productive businesses. A company’s location, mode of operation, future success, and revenue generation are all affected by the location of foreign-owned businesses. Due to this, Indian investors seeking flexibility and freedom to run their businesses in the UAE should consider setting up businesses in the Dubai mainland. Establishing a mainland company in Dubai has other advantages.

Dubai mainland’s business setup does not impose restrictions on who and where you can do business. The investors who set up mainland companies can plan and conduct any type of business without worrying about the legal consequences of overstepping their trade permissions in Dubai and the entire UAE.

Nevertheless, certain legal formalities must be followed, such as having a local sponsor. As a setup consultant, you should guide you on how to work with local sponsors and retain control over your finances and business management. The establishment of a mainland company in the UAE allows you to engage in international trade and explore the increasing global connections.

Businesses that are flexible can adapt to new markets easily. It is crucial to plan and execute the logistics in order to penetrate a certain country in the shortest time possible when your product or service suddenly becomes popular in a certain country. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of the market and earn the maximum amount.

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) is the government body tasked with setting and expanding Dubai’s economy. In order to improve the business environment and accelerate productivity growth, the Department of Economic Development supports Dubai’s development into a multicultural, modern service-intensive economy.

Vision Business Consulting offers comprehensive business setup services to achieve all the legal formalities and government requirements for company formation in the Dubai Mainland, in partnership with the Dubai Economic Department. By establishing a Dubai Mainland company, businesses can gain access to the entire UAE market, helping with brand recognition and business growth. Ensured are flexibility to conduct business with local and government authorities in any part of the UAE, Unlimited Visas according to the prerequisites of the business provided necessary office space is available, open office anywhere in Dubai Mainland, nationality restriction reduced to the maximum, etc

It is still necessary to adhere to some legal formalities, such as obtaining a sponsor in the local area. Vision Business Consulting will provide guidance on acquiring local sponsorships, partnering with them in the business setup, and maintaining control over finances and management. There are multiple choices of licenses one can acquire:

Professional license

Businessmen and entrepreneurs in the UAE must obtain a professional license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to provide their professional services to clients. Obtaining a professional license establishes that someone or an organization is qualified to provide services in a specific field. Applicants may need to showcase their skills or training to obtain this license.

Professionals, craftsmen, and artisans who wish to set up a business in Dubai must obtain a professional trade license. A professional license can be used to form several company setups: An LLC or Limited Liability Company in which 51% of the stake belongs to a local sponsor, a Sole Proprietorship Company, or a Civil Company and a Sole Establishment wherein the investors hold 100% of the stake. For setting up a Sole Proprietorship Company or a Civil Company a local service agent who is a UAE national must be engaged as per the law.

Commercial license

Commercial trade licenses are required for companies that purchase and sell goods and commodities or engage in any type of trade activity in the United Arab Emirates. Licenses can be granted to establish either a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a sole proprietorship, which can be utilized for exclusive trading and general trading of legally approved materials in the UAE.

Businesses in the broadcast and communications industries, transportation companies, Vehicle rental companies, retail businesses, construction businesses, healthcare organizations, medical services, real estate businesses, etc also should obtain commercial trade licenses before they start functioning.

Industrial license

An industrial license is required for businesses performing industrial and manufacturing operations within the UAE, which will permit operations involving the conversion or utilization of natural resources. The DED grants this license, but it may also require approval from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and some other departments, depending on the nature of the industry.


Identify the type of business– for example, it is professional, commercial, or industrial;
Analyze your business– Determine whether the business entity is a corporation or a partnership
Decide on the business name for your company– Finding all of the licenses and permits your business needs can be challenging. Thus, in order to ensure you follow licensing and regulatory requirements for your venture, it’s always best to consult a business setup specialist.

Visa Assistance in UAE

business consultancy services in dubai

When you are planning to go abroad either to be a tourist or migrate to any country, these essential to know the visa process of that country for a destination. People of any nationality can avail of our visa services for their easy travelling to any destination. We have a group of immigration visa consultants who have years of successful track records for migrations and visa processes. We process your all requirements efficiently and promptly.

In addition, we have online facilities for visa services. Families or friends or as an independent person can apply for these services for 96 Hours transit, 30 days, 90 Days long term visitor visa in Dubai. These visa services can be obtained in any emirates under UAE(Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah ). With high professionalism and care, we offer instant single and multi-entry visas along with all travel assistance services to win our client satisfaction at the best level. We deal with almost all nationalities except those who are restricted or banned with immigration records.

The Visa experts at Vision Business Consulting help their clients through the entire visa process. Our visa processing and documentation services for a diverse clientele are handled with great precision and diligence. We offer a full range of visa services to assist our clients in obtaining visas for Dubai and the UAE. Located in Dubai, Vision Business Consulting offers visa services to both individuals and corporate businesses. The United Arab Emirates offers a variety of visas, including business visas, investor visas, employment visas, family visas, tourist visas, freelance visas, and maid visas. Understanding the differences between the various types of visas is essential so you can make the right decision. Every customer has different needs; and depending on those needs, we process their visa application quickly and efficiently and a prompt delivery.

PRO Services in UAE

business consultancy services in dubai

When it comes to beginning a business, PRO services are primarily required for obtaining licenses quickly and receiving various approvals from the relevant authorities, such as visas, labor, and immigration approvals.

A PRO can register a company and/or trade name, process an investor visa, incorporate a business, obtain a new license, obtain labor cards for employees, and obtain an Establishment Card for both Labor and Immigration for a new
business. Many of the actions that constitute PRO services are legally required by all businesses and employees. Ensuring that the processes are handled appropriately and promptly lowers the danger of unnecessary penalties or other negative effects for the firm.

Therefore, the only solution is to seek the assistance of a company that provides PRO services. Some market research and polls show that companies spend a lot of time, money, and labor on things they don’t need. And this wasted money is used to keep track of expiration or renewal dates, insurance legislation updates, labor, immigration, gratuity, and so on.

We assist you at every level of your business’s development, from start-up to successful operation, by providing a wide range of document clearance and PRO services in Dubai. Our staff collaborates closely with the Dubai government and ministry officials to make your PRO activities as simple as possible.

Closing Company in UAE

business consultancy services in dubai

A major focus for the UAE has always been building a robust business infrastructure to support business and drive economic growth. Dubai continues to attract ex-pats from around the world who seek a better life and better opportunities. In Dubai, there are many opportunities for a company to set up consultants and successful operations. There are, however, a few formalities, legal procedures, and documents that need to be completed in the event that a business closes down or closes and reopens, etc. We do this to make sure your business closes smoothly and there are no fines or late fees recorded.

It is suggested to take the assistance of a well experienced Business Consultant for the closing of business in Dubai as it requires a lot of processes, documentation, attestations, and approvals.

In order to avoid any accumulated fines and penalties on your existing license, our expert team will guide you through the incorporation process to ensure a hassle-free company liquidation in Dubai. The government authorities must know that the business is no longer in operation in order to prevent any accumulated fines and penalties. Trade licenses must be renewed every year, and they will incur fines if they are not renewed. As a shareholder company, it is important to settle obligations with creditors, partners, and other stakeholders. In the event that you want to start fresh by opening a new business, it will also help maintain your goodwill, business reputation, and credibility.

Warehouse in UAE

business consultancy services in dubai

We offer our customers the flexibility of reaching their markets in the UAE and overseas through our storage and distribution facilities. Through our warehouse management software (WMS), customers can see the full inventory of the facilities, which are located within the respective free zones.

In our warehouses, we offer a range of storage solutions, from palletized storage to shelving and binning, to offer customers customized storage solutions. Because we are convenient to land, sea, and air routes, we are able to offer flexible distribution networks for all types of goods, including fast-moving retail inventory, backed by full visibility tools and optimized route management solutions. With a focus on quality and security standards, our warehousing and storage facilities serve the retail and FMCG industries, with a focus on stock integrity and availability. Adding visibility to stock management and demand planning based on product lifecycles allows retail operations of any size to secure their supply chain and keep inventories running efficiently.

Investors find it difficult to find a warehouse in the UAE for their business. However, with us, you can find all business requirements such as trade licenses, office space, and warehouse space. For manufacturing licenses, industrial licenses, or any activities that require storage and distribution, warehouses are needed. In our warehouse, we have a large storage area, office, pantry, and toilet built in accordance with international standards. The warehouses are available in a range of sizes, and investors can choose the right size for their needs.

The selection of the warehouse depends on the type of goods to be stored, some in freezing temperature, some in cooling, etc. As a result, we can provide a warehouse in Dubai, a warehouse in Sharjah, a warehouse in Ajman, and a warehouse in any other region of the UAE based on your needs.

Trademark Registration in UAE

business consultancy services in dubai

When it comes to protecting brands, the United Arab Emirates has always put its best foot forward. The country issued Federal Law No. 4 in 1979 to guarantee owners the exclusive right to use their business names and associated elements. In 1992, the United Arab Emirates introduced its first federal trademark law, modified in 2000, and further amended over time. Nationals and non-nationals who participate in commercial, industrial, service, or handicraft activities are granted trademark rights under UAE law. In addition to legal entities, the law covers non-Emiratis who operate businesses or engage in commercial activities in nations with close ties to the UAE.

UAE trademarks are protected across all seven Emirates. Although a brand can be characterized by a variety of characteristics, laws regulate the characteristics that can be trademarked. It is possible to trademark a signature, title, character, stamp, poster, engraving, name, painting, or any type of label that serves to distinguish one brand from another.

The process of registering a trademark in the UAE is one that appears simple and straightforward at first glance, but when the process is actually undertaken, it can prove to be quite problematic. The trademark application will be rejected even if there is just one mistake in the process. Registration takes 4 months in total.

In terms of use and security, trademark registration provides trademark owners with a number of advantages. Using your own trademark in conjunction with your products and services establishes your legal right to use it. A trademark registration gives you the right to defend your name and prevent similar trademarks from being used.

Branding of Company

business consultancy services in dubai

Our digital-forward strategies keep up with this constant flux in a world where trends and brand loyalty continually shift. Our creative storytelling and bold visuals engage new and familiar audiences on cross-channel platforms.

Storytelling is important to us. Our goal is to create change through stories. We aim to make a difference. We are a leading branding agency based in Dubai. We’ve been serving Startups and Small Businesses across the region for the past several years, building compelling brand experiences and leaving a lasting impression. As a business, we are focused on creating exceptional brands that connect meaningfully with their target audiences. In today’s market, we have established ourselves as one of the most effective branding agencies due to our cost-effective methodology, extensive experience, and understanding of the local culture and people.

Every brand has a unique story to tell. It is our goal to figure out what goals your brand needs to address and map them to the brand’s culture. To determine brand opportunities, we analyze the competition as well as the environment.

ISO Certification

business consultancy services in dubai

Established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1947, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world’s largest standardization organization. The ISO is an organization that determines how well products and services are performed. The organization issues guidelines, frameworks, and certification standards to facilitate the development of quality products, streamline business operations, reduce operational costs, and improve business profitability. Organizations that comply with the ISO standards can obtain ISO certification.

In addition to manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and services, ISO Standards are also commonly used in IT organizations. In addition to cost reductions, technology adoption, and employee productivity, ISO Certification has proven to be beneficial for businesses around the world. The wide range of ISO Standards for Quality Management, Energy Management, Environmental Management, and IT Security allows organizations within these sectors to optimize their business operations and embrace international quality standards in their daily business operations. To get an ISO Certificate in UAE, there are several stages in the certification process. The certification process begins with a gap analysis, followed by implementing a quality management system, performing an internal audit to ensure process compliance, and finally obtaining the final certification audit and issuing the certification

ISO certification is the most favored certification standard among all sectors of UAE organizations. Companies in the UAE desire ISO certification in order to constantly maintain service quality, get a global reputation, and boost customer satisfaction.

Office for Rent

business consultancy services in dubai

In the UAE, a physical presence is essential for any incorporation, whether it’s a mainland LLC or a Free zone. For most trade licenses in the region, renting office space is a requirement. We provide a variety of choices for you to pick from. Renting a desk in Dubai is affordable with us. Our commercial and office spaces are designed to meet all your needs. With Flexi desks and smart desks for rent in Dubai, we also help SMEs set up shop on a budget.

Our flexible desk office space in Dubai offers business people a cost-effective option. Additionally, the requirement can also be met in accordance with UAE law. For entrepreneurs who wish to lease or rent an office in Dubai, a complicated process of certifications, approvals, and logistics is required. It is also a big expense to rent office space in Dubai at the beginning. Thus, we make life easier for you by renting offices in Dubai at affordable rates!

At a reasonable price, we provide a lavish business center! Rent one of our fully furnished offices for a reasonable price. Additionally, we offer Flexi desk office space in Dubai in sections of the business center at further discounted rates.

Smart Desk Office Service

business consultancy services in dubai

Choosing a smart desk for rent in Dubai can make business setups even more affordable. We provide a comfortable and relaxing co-working space in Dubai. Renting a smart desk in such a situation may be a viable solution. You can create an inexpensive, fast, and suitable work environment for your company by using smart desks. We offer business setup packages that offer a wide range of features and services. We provide amenities such as separate meeting rooms, security systems, IT assistance, reception area, etc.

Choose a smart desk for rent in Dubai to make business setups even more affordable. Co-working spaces in Dubai offered by our Business Setup are comfortable and relaxed. Do you need a rented office space in the UAE in order to start a business and get a business license?

It may be a reasonable choice to rent a smart desk in such cases. An inexpensive, quick, and suitable workspace can be created with smart desks for your company incorporation. Dedicated services and amazing features make this smart desk setup packages the best in the industry. You can add a variety of amenities to your smart desks, including separate meeting rooms, security systems, a reception area, and more.

Our Business Setup offers smart desk rentals with the advantage of a comfortable and spacious workspace. We also make sure you have all the necessary equipment to function properly, in addition to technological implications.

Business Tours to UAE

business consultancy services in dubai

Think about the possibility of you having a good contact in Dubai or even a family member. Informing this person that you are coming to Dubai and asking to see the city is the next step. The person who has this background also has extensive knowledge of business in the UAE, an extensive network of business contacts in various industries, and a good understanding of local business processes. We provide very knowledgeable and welcoming corporate travel services to the UAE.

Entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with the processes of setting up a business in Dubai, don’t know how to structure operational processes, and need to gain an understanding of the UAE business system, in general, should participate in this type of business travel. A business trip to Dubai aims to demonstrate the business opportunities in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The tour gives you the chance to visit local authorities, free zones, logistic hubs, meet successful entrepreneurs, and learn first-hand how things work.

It is no longer possible to make general statements, such as, “we can arrange your business travel, schedule meetings, and attend conferences and exhibitions”. Our consultants have years of experience. There’s no need to get lost in what to ask, what to study and what to read. Let us share with you what you need to know about any of the itineraries we offer. Let us help you plan your business trip to the UAE.

Please contact us if you require any assistance.

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