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Company Registration in Dubai – An Overview

It is the dream of every businessman around the world to start their own company in Dubai, but the process is difficult. The government’s strict rules and regulations as well as the lengthy registration process make company registration in Dubai difficult and troublesome.

The procedures for company incorporation in Dubai is recognized as legal, and they include the registration of a company name and the licensing of business activities. Before starting a business in Dubai, one must thoroughly research every aspect and examine all the information regarding the business activity that they intend to embark on and ensure that they comply with all the licensing requirements.

A Dubai trade license is required to start any business activity. Dubai’s Economic Development Department, which operates in various locations, is responsible for issuing licenses to local companies.

The different types of trade licenses issued in Dubai include –

Our services cover the whole range of systems engaged with Mainland organization development in UAE. Our connections with services and government bodies across the UAE assist us with getting quick government endorsements for our customers. Given underneath are organization types for mainland company formation in Dubai.

  • ● Commercial Licenses – Awarded to companies engaged in trading.
  • ● Industrial Licenses – Awarded to manufacturing companies.
  • ● Professional Licenses – Awarded to companies working as service providers, professionals, artisans, and craftsmen.

What are the different types of companies which can be incorporated in Dubai?

The following types of entities can be incorporated in Dubai:

  • ● Limited liability companies,
  • ● Private and public joint stock companies,
  • ● Partnerships
  • ● Branch offices
  • ● Subsidiaries
  • ● Free zone limited liability companies
  • ● Free zone establishments
  • ● Limited Liability Company(LLC)

With a Limited Liability Company, the liability of the shareholders is limited to their contribution to the company. An LLC in Dubai can have a maximum of 50 shareholders and a minimum of 2. Unless it is engaged in insurance, banking, or monetary investment, the company can engage in any business activity.

business setup in dubai

business setup in dubai
Onshore Company

An onshore company is a business arrangement formed and managed within the company’s jurisdiction. As an onshore company, you can take advantage of favorable taxation policies, tax treaties, banking and business development. These benefits are just a few of the perks of doing business with an onshore company. Managing the onshore operations of the company in the UAE is crucial and beneficial. It is common for owners to manage their business from their native place, but with the Onshore company, one can easily have an office and manage business efficiently.

Offshore Company

Offshore companies are legal business entities that are formed and managed outside the jurisdiction of the company. Benefits of setting up a business in Dubai Free Zone include:

Dubai permits consolidating up to seven (7) exercises that might have a place with a solitary permit or distinctive permit types. Above all, the specialists work with financial backers by guaranteeing issuance of licenses in four (4) days and fast enlistment of the organization.

Since its foundation, Dubai has offered business arrangement bundles pointed toward satisfying the requirements and requests of money managers from across the world. The financial backers can undoubtedly acquire permit and register their organizations without making a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

  • ● Income tax exemption of 100% for individuals and corporations.
  • ● No matter their nationality or domicile, investors have full ownership rights.
  • ● Capital and profits will be repatriated in full.
  • ● Imports and exports are exempt from all duties.
  • ● No deposit of capital is required for a 15-year exemption from corporate taxes.

Documents required for registering a company in Dubai

An organization’s articles of association should contain information about its shareholders, directors, and business activities. Copies of the shareholders’ and directors’ passports that have been translated and notarized.

Duly completed forms issued by the Trade Registrar.

In order to complete your company registration in Dubai, you should seek the assistance of an expert company registration consultant.

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business setup in dubai