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Dubai is undoubtedly one of the best markets for budding entrepreneurs and long-term business owners alike. Dubai provides equal access to investors because its laws are friendly to those who want to start businesses. Thanks to the government’s various provisions from time to time, starting a freezone company setup in Dubai has become very easy and smooth. Various business locations are available for investors in Dubai, including mainland Dubai and freezones. When it comes to opening up a business in mainland Dubai, the investor must select a local partner to start the business, and this eventually becomes a turnoff for some investors as they are uncomfortable with having to choose a local partner who will allow them to operate their business in Dubai as per the established laws.

Freezone company formation in UAE has become extremely popular among the investors due to the requirement of having to select a local partner with 51% shares since such rules are not required for starting a business in a freezone Dubai. Freezones in Dubai have allowed foreign ownership of 100 percent and as a result, making them extremely popular with investors.

Dubai’s freezone company is a special economic zone where an investor has the opportunity to enjoy tax-free status and trade conditions that allow any investor to produce goods. It is possible to import or export goods without having to pay customs duties. Dubai has created freezones at places of transit like seaports and airports to help investors to increase their trading opportunities. There are some freezones in Dubai with each one dedicated to a particular type of business activity.

Getting ultimate benefits is made possible by the registration service. Using the best company formation consulting agency will ensure that consultants help you overcome complications professionally. There will
thus be no problems for you.

Freezones are becoming increasingly popular, and they are also a great benefit to all, and there are also free consultation services available to all. With these unique options, freezones are the most desirable locations for business owners, and hiring a business consultancy makes it easy to start a free zone business. Generally, the best choice for generating huge profits in a short period is the freezone setup. Getting the right
guidance is also essential when starting a business.

With nearly 40 freezones across the UAE, Vision Business Consulting assists with company incorporation in the most desirable location chosen by the entrepreneurs. Making the decision on which free zone is best suited to your specific business needs will involve reviewing a lot of information and taking into account a lot of factors, such as location, cost of business setup, type, workspace options, accounting requirements, and many more.

Some of the major locations for Freezone business setup or company formation are listed city-wise below

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Airport Business City

It is one of the UAE’s most financially and strategically important Freezones and a premium aerotropolis built around the Abu Dhabi International Airport. In addition to the Logistics Park, the Business Park, Destination Village, Al Falah District, and the Airport City within its administration, it spans over more than 10 square kilometers.

Companies and their employees benefit from the all-inclusive environment because it includes leisure, retail, and lifestyle attractions. Companies operating here will be able to take advantage of a truly conducive environment, situated in the center of one of the most rapidly expanding economies in the world, easily accessible to a market, which is prevalent throughout Asia and the Middle East.

There are three kinds of companies that can be located inside Abu Dhabi Airport Business City:
• Free Zone Limited Liability Company – Corporations
   Companies or legal entities formed by corporations or business entities.
• Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) – Natural
   Individually formed company or legal entity.
• A national or international company’s branch
   Branch of a national or international company based in Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Benefits you Enjoy

• Companies owned 100% by foreigners
• Exemptions in corporate and income tax
• Capital and profit repatriation at 100%
• Facility access and security 24×7
• Regulated independently
• Streamlined business processes
• Regional markets are easily accessible

Abu Dhabi Media Free Zone – (Media Zone Authority)

The Media Zone – Abu Dhabi is one of the most dynamic media markets in the world, and the Media Zone Authority of Abu Dhabi aims to continue developing Abu Dhabi’s media industry and its mission is to promote the
growth and development of Abu Dhabi’s media industry through the implementation of favorable, straightforward, efficient, effective, and consistent regulations, and strategic media initiatives that positively contribute to the UAE’s GDP. Abu Dhabi Decree-Law No. 12 of 2007 established the Authority as the regulatory body for the Media Zone – Abu Dhabi.

Twofour54 was founded in 2008 to boost Abu Dhabi’s media industry. It is named after the geographic coordinates of Abu Dhabi, symbolic of its goal of establishing Abu Dhabi as a content hub. International, regional, and local media businesses can take advantage of this dynamic media zone’s infrastructure and services. A full range of services, including customized workspace, top-notch facilities, professional development, and training, is available.


Registering and Managing all businesses (FZ-LLCs and branches) and sole proprietors, including freelancers in the Media Zone Abu Dhabi is the responsibility of the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi.

The Media Zone Abu Dhabi is waiving the licensing and registration fees, as part of a Government resolution, effective from December 18, for the first two years for new partners and freelancers. Companies incorporated in a freezone can now apply for a branch license from the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development without the necessity of establishing another onshore office or location. Businesses can carry out commercial activities more freely and bid on contracts for government and semi-government agencies with this onshore license. As of today, the Abu Dhabi government will also waive the licensing fees for the first two years after you apply for the DED onshore license. Setting up a business in the Media Zone Abu Dhabi is straightforward thanks to three different ways:
• Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC): Formation of a legal entity in the Media Zone Abu Dhabi
• Branch: An entity established as a legal part of its principal company, which has its headquarters in the UAE or another country
• Sole Proprietor or Freelancers: individuals licensed to work in their capacity as media professionals.

Apart from all these, you are entitled to a lot of benefits which are unique and also enjoyed by other Freezone Companies

Masdar City

Located within Masdar City, a globally recognized model of sustainable urban development, Masdar Freezone is a thriving business community that’s perfect for starting, nurturing, or expanding a business. From start-ups to SMEs and multinationals, it boasts a diverse, innovative and ambitious collection of companies.

As a tenant or partner, you can take advantage of a wide range of comprehensive business support services, including speedy processing of licenses and visas, exemption from corporate and personal income taxes, and an array of cost-effective leasing options. Combined with the diverse selection of restaurants, cafés, and retail outlets, these advantages make the area an attractive and enjoyable place to do business. Masdar City is an economic and business-freezone that provides hassle-free operating environments for businesses.

Competent pricing, excellent customer service, and the unique innovation ecosystem that the city possesses combine to offer an immense value-add to all partners. The One-Stop-Shop at Masdar City Freezone offers a wide range of services to tenants, from registration to licensing, administrative assistance, and leasing development opportunities. Vision Business Consulting’s competitive pricing and comprehensive support system offer enormous value to its customers

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi

Business solutions from KIZAD are customized to meet the needs of various industries. They are suitable for manufacturers, logisticians, traders, and distributors. A wide range of customized business facilities is available in KIZAD’s Free Zones and Domestic Tariff Areas, whether your business is a start-up or an established enterprise. Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone or Khalifa Port FTZ is a cutting-edge hub for trade, commerce, and manufacturing. KIZAD’s onshore structure and the benefits of an offshore free zone are projected to change the face of doing business in the region. Khalifa Port Free Zone provides you with the best operating cost environment and meticulously crafted surroundings.

Khalifa Port FTZ provides its investors with a range of business setup solutions designed to streamline registration and licensing and to supplement the overall value proposition of the industrial zone by providing executive offices and flexible workstations/dedicated desks.

The Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone attracts a wide range of investments in industries such as aluminum, automotive, engineered metals, port logistics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, polymer converting, and others that depend on Khalifa Port. Additionally, a flexible master plan that can accommodate more industries in the future has been put into place in terms of land lease agreements.

Combining the strengths of KIZAD’s onshore structure and the advantages of an offshore free zone, the FTZ at Khalifa Port is poised to become the region’s future hub for trade, logistics, and manufacturing. Ultimately, it will change the way local businesses are conducted.

KIZAD is comfortably divided into Area A and B. In the 16 sq km additional free zone territories, a Business Park, District, and Local Centres are being planned by KIZAD in Area A. Located in Area ‘A’, KIZAD Business Park offers multiple real estate opportunities and is keen on attracting suppliers to cater to its more than 50,000 residents and visitors. Within a total area of 84 square kilometers, Area ‘B’ will house heavy, light, and logistics industries, business parks, large-scale retail outlets, mixed-use estates, and residential projects.


Dubai Commerce City (DCC) Free Zone

Dubai Commerce city is the first and largest freezone in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region dedicated exclusively to e-commerce. Freezones are well-positioned to take advantage of e-commerce growth in the region, which has outperformed global growth.

In Dubai and across the UAE, e-commerce business setups and online retail have seen a huge rise in recent years, especially in the designated space namely DCC. With an area covering 2.1 Dubai CommerCity is a unique e-commerce hub with a footprint of over one million square feet and an investment of around $1 billion designed for local and international business.

There are three clusters in the freezone, each with its unique design. Modern landscaped office buildings with Grade A offices make up the Business Cluster; the Logistics Cluster contains multi-client warehouse facilities with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing structures; and the Social Cluster is home to restaurants, cafes, exhibitions, and events. The Dubai Commercity represents a transition from a traditional economy to an ultra-smart economy based on cutting edge technology.

For existing and new businesses, Dubai CommerCity provides a one-stop e-commerce solution. Company formation, e-commerce licenses, and business set-up packages are available for businesses of all sizes. Throughout the MEASA region, e-commerce and online retail can operate as Dubai Commerce City has raised its benchmark, focussing on specific business demands without any borders and personalized customer care and services to its highest level.

eCommerce companies targeting the UAE market often choose to acquire a Dubai Ecommerce License to expand their business here. For a comprehensive approach to setting up an all-encompassing eCommerce company in the UAE, do not regret, choosing Dubai Commerce City as your destination.

The UAE offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to start an eCommerce business by securing an e-commerce license, setting up an office, recruiting employees, and setting up a bank account with Freezone. In addition to entering into the local UAE market, the eCommerce license in UAE will also allow your business to expand into the global market and gain new customers easily.

Key Benefits

• A business community for e-commerce companies of all sizes
• Logistics and warehouse facility with customized office space
• Modular light manufacturing units and shared warehouses
• Infrastructure and amenities – food courts, art galleries, shops, and quality amenities
• Connectivity to high-speed networks

Specific Benefits

• Taxes on corporate or personal income not applicable
• Incorporating a business quickly and efficiently
• Foreign ownership at 100%
• Capital and profile are repatriated in full
• No restrictions on currency exchange

Investors can select from a variety of license types and office or warehouse facilities in the Free Zones based on the nature of their business activities. Warehouses of various specifications are available at Dubai Commerce City.

Basic steps in setting up a company
1. Choosing the right activity from the list of available activities in the free zone
2. Selecting the right business license for your company
3. FZE and FZC can be selected based on the number of shareholders
4. Suitable office space must be selected according to the nature of the business activity and the requirements of the organization.

Type of Licenses

Trade License – Entrepreneurs with a General Trading License are allowed to trade in any type of permissible item and are allowed to conduct imports, exports, distribution, and storage of permissible items.

Service License – This license category is right for those who want to start online services such as consulting, marketing, education, training, and IT. With the Smart-Desk Package package with two visa quotas, entrepreneurs can set up services and consultancy firms in the Free Zone.

Commercial License– Freezone companies can obtain a Commercial License to manufacture or assemble items. An organization can do light fabrication, packaging, assembly, repackaging, etc.

Ecommerce License – Through an Ecommerce License, traders can sell goods and services online through portals, websites, or social media. Trade infrastructure and logistics support are world-class in the Freezone. Company type offered are mainly of two types namely Free Zone Company (FZCO/ FZ-LLC) which can consist of 2 or up to 50 stakeholders and a branch office for starting a branch of a foreign company or companies having their office in UAE

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority :

Previously known as Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA), Dubai Creative Cluster Authority (DCCA), is a global hub for knowledge-based industries including media, IT, the fashion industry, production of movies, research, and development, technology, science, etc. There are four clusters in the free zone dedicated for Media, Education, Information and Communication and Science

Under DCCA there are 9 Free Zones which are Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Media City, Dubai Design District, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Outsource City, Dubai Production City, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai Science Park, and Biotechnology and Research Park

The Benefits of Starting a Business in DCCA

• Foreign ownership entirety
• Income and corporate taxes exempted for 50 years
• No customs duty
• Capital and profits can be fully returned.
• Proximity to all ports and highways
• Proximity to world-class residential properties

Different types of Entities Allowed in DCCA
Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), Branch of a Foreign/UAE Company, Freelancing are the 3 different entities that can be in DCCA. The type of licenses issued by DCCA are categorized under Publishing Segment, TV and Radio Broadcasting, Food, Storage, Manufacturing and Production and Higher Education Providers

Set Up a business in DCCA

In a matter of weeks, Vision Business Consulting will be able to acquire a license of your choice provided you submit duly signed application forms along with required documents and necessary payments, Business plan, Memorandum of Association (MOA), and Articles of Association (AOA) of the parent company if you are starting a branch of a foreign or local company. Our existing esteemed clients are proof of our expertise in setting up a Business in DCCA. As an entrepreneur in a foreign land, you are likely to need help processing your documents, from understanding local laws to obtaining your business license. Vision Business Consulting helps the clients take advantage of the unparalleled amenities and world-class logistic infrastructure of the DCCA, ensuring a conducive business environment in this highly tax-efficient jurisdiction.

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City, a member of TECOM Investments incepted in 2000 and is one of the globally renowned technology business hubs and a community that caters to highly technological corporations and innovative start-ups. The Dubai Internet City attracts international brands while supporting startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. During these years it has evolved as a major hub for worldwide hi-tech companies in the region. The in5 innovation center, a world-leading accelerator for tech startups, is housed in Dubai Internet City. The area continues to attract a multitude of talents from all over the world in the areas of technology and communication.

Major advantages of Business setup in Dubai internet city
• ownership entirety
• No customs duty
• Easy Capital Mobilisation
• Licensing made easy
• Internet Protocol Protection Cyber Security
• No income tax
• No foreign exchange restrictions
• High-tech offices
• A high level of customer service in retail
• 24/7 Security

Legal Entities for Company Setup in DIC

1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) can be owned by a maximum of 50 stakeholders, corporate or individual, with a minimum capital investment of Dhs.50,000 per share.
2. Branch of a UAE Based Company where the applicant is a resident of the United Arab Emirates
3. Branch of a Foreign Company formed by a foreign national who owns a company outside the United Arab Emirates

Contact Vision Business Consulting, a pioneer in the industry when it comes to setting up businesses in free zones located anywhere in the UAE. Utilize the expertise at an affordable cost for incorporating companies, who envision your potential, enable and assist you to start businesses in the vibrant UAE.

Dubai Media City

If you’re thinking of doing business in Dubai, one of your first stops should be the emirate’s free zones. The entrepreneurial community in Dubai is abundant, offering numerous benefits. It becomes increasingly clear, however, as you further explore each free zone, that each also has its own set of advantages. Dubai Media City (DMC) is a thriving creative hub and an ideal base for freelancers in the media sector, with more than 20,000 residents and over 2,000 companies in the free zone. Aside from that, Dubai Media City license fees are low and application processes are simpler than you believe. Business owners of all sizes will find Dubai Media City to be incredibly well located since Dubai International Airports are close by, and it is well connected via road to other emirates and overseas.

It is as easy as that, one can establish a business in Dubai Media City in five simple steps. However, the advice of experts in this field is highly essential as you may end up in unexpected bottlenecks causing time loss in setting up a business. Vision Business Consulting will of their service at your call for setting business anywhere in UAE and incorporating companies at your desired and convenient location.

A few tips to follow in setting up business in DMC are,
1. Choose business activities
As a first step in starting a business in DMC, outline the business activities you intend to pursue. While the free zone is geared towards the media, it is open to a wide range of organizations, including advertising, communication, media consulting, and event management.
2. Select a Company Name
While selecting the name of your company you should follow certain conventions in the UAE. It may seem a bit tough but it is quite easy as well. Refrain from using any offensive name to the locals or referring to any known and established brands. Should the chosen name be available for registration you can have it. An expert in company formation will be of help in finding the right name available to be registered under your name.
3. Dubai Media City Free Zone License
There are various free zone license categories available in Dubai Media City, including freelance, trading, and professional services. Depending on your business’s activities, you will need the right license type. Again, a company formation expert can be of help at this stage who can recommend the setup that best caters to your needs. Vision Business Consulting’s expert team on this can be good assistance for you in this regard. The license fee for Dubai Media City varies according to the type of license you apply for and your organization’s size.
4. Applying for Your Visas
As You’ll need to apply for your business license, as well as any visas you may need. Your employees can also get visas in addition to your own. According to your license type and business size, you can apply for a maximum number of visas. You can also sponsor your dependants and family. The visa application process is straightforward should your wish to sponsor your spouse, children, and parents if they are dependent on you. Domestic help can also be under your sponsorship.
5. Opening your Bank Account
One last step for the formation of business in Media city is the opening of a bank account. You can see some banks around you as most of them have either offices or outlets in Dubai Media City. Your company formation advisor will be the expert to help you choose the best bank suitable for you to meet your business needs. Even though the steps required for business incorporation in DMC are simple, it also depends on the type of business you have chosen. It is always better to seek advice from an expert in the formation of business in DMC.
The following documents are mandatory, anyways

  • Duly filled and signed application
  • Passport copy of owner or owners (if there are multiple)
  • Passport-sized photos of the owner or owners
  • Share capital if required has to be proved

Vision Business Consulting will need only days as our team of experts in company formation in DMC will submit your application and other documents error-free and at the right desk. It is imperative that even minor mistakes can lead to rejection or unnecessary delays of your application. Therefore it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a company formation specialist while registering a company. We Vision Business Consulting is a team of company formation professionals dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses realize their dreams.

Having our experts help with the company formation process in the UAE can make the process much simpler for you. We can apply for the right license and visa, do all the necessary admin, and make the process as simple for you as possible. TECOM Authority under Dubai Media City also offers freelance permits. There are many freelance options offered by Gofreelance. These are divided into four categories: design, education, media, and technology. There are a variety of activities within each group where you will find something that matches your skill and for a work permit in UAE.

Freelancers with a freelance permit can operate as independent contractors. You are authorized to conduct your business under your birth name instead of a brand name with the permit, which identifies you as a sole proprietor. You can also sponsor your family with the UAE freelance visa for Dubai Media City.

Dubai Production City

Formation of a Company in the Dubai Production City Free Zone: The DPC is a market leader that supports the publishing, printing, and packaging industries globally and locally. Being a multifaceted community offering business, retail, and residential lifestyles, DPC attracts qualified business professionals from around the world. The DPC was officially launched in 2003 to accelerate the growth of the production industry in the region. As a free zone, DPC offers advantages for ease of business and operations, fostering the growth and development of media production in a unique and vibrant environment. Currently, the surrounding countries like India, Turkey, and UAE have high Entertainment and Media market growth compared to European and American markets. It is the same in the MENA market as well. The Ad Spend market is a major indicator of the health of the media industry and determines how well the industry is doing. Out of all the MENA countries, the UAE still has the biggest ad spend market. UAE is thus an appealing market for companies and a strategic location. So A company formation in Dubai Production City might be your best bet if you are looking for a company in the industry.

Major Benefits Dubai Production City Free Zone:

  • Foreign ownership entirety
  • repatriation of capital in full
  • No personal income tax, corporate tax, service tax, import and export tax,
  • State-of-the-Art technology
  • The infrastructure of the highest standard

Activities proposed for DPC companies generally include

  • printing and packaging machinery, printing consumables, printing presses, signage, and exhibitions.
  • Exhibitions & Signage – Fabrication/Production/Packaging
  • Services related to publishing/publishing support/promotion
  • DPC can be used for general warehousing purposes.

Available options for Licenses are Commercial License and Freelancing:
As in the cases of other Free Zones, the legal entities are Free Zone-Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) & Branch office. Usually, it takes almost a
month to complete the licensing process and the company formation in DPC. Once the immigration cars are obtained after necessary security clearance from the authorities,
visas can be applied and sought in a week. Depending upon whether the business setup is done by an individual shareholder or corporate, the documents slightly vary. Generally, the requirement is

  • Passport copy / copies
  • Residence visa copy/copies
  • Emirates ID copy/ copies
  • Resume
  • Tenancy Contract or Utility bill copy
  • Plan of action

Please contact us if you require any assistance.