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As immigration consultants in Dubai, we provide several forms of immigration counseling and visa processing for Skilled Immigration, Investor Visa, Entrepreneur Visa, Permanent Residency via Investment, and Citizenship by Investment programs.

Vision Business Consulting is all about ‘Empowering Ambitions’. Ambitions are a driving force for any individual and we as professional immigration service providers can help you realize
your goals and desires. Our specialized team of experienced and dedicated immigration consultants in Dubai believes in providing the finest relocation solution packages which can be customized based on client requirement which ranges across a wide spectrum.

We cater to professionals, business entrepreneurs, by providing business possibilities, citizenship by investment opportunities for HNIs, numerous study abroad options for students and different settlements solutions. We have a wealth of experience in the immigration industry, and our core competency is to provide hassle-free, simple, easy, safe, and successful immigration solutions to your preferred country. We offer the following services in this context.


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Immigration Services in Dubai

business consultancy services in dubai

Offering excellent service is always appreciated by a customer, but maintaining that level of satisfaction for a long time isn’t as simple as satisfying customers. Our Immigration visa services in Dubai include the provision of documentation and issuance assistance for businesses and individuals throughout the Emirates. We are committed to providing top-of-the-line services that not only satisfy a customer but also offer excellent value for money. A team of visa documentation experts at our visa services company in Dubai is dedicated to handling one of the most requested services.

From the beginning to the end of the process, our visa consultants will be in close contact with the client. For a large clientele, we provide visa processing and documentation services with great precision and diligence. From beginning to end, we offer our clients a wide range of visa services to help them obtain visas for Dubai and the UAE. Our immigration services Dubai are available to both individual and corporate clients. We offer Business Visas, Investor Visas, Employment Visas, Family Visas, Tourist Visas, Freelance Visas, and Maid Visas in Dubai. Having a thorough understanding of the differences between the types of visas will help you pick the right one.

Second Passport (Europe, Canada, America, UK & Australia)

business consultancy services in dubai

A second passport will provide you benefits that tax optimization, improved travel opportunities, protection from controlling governments, and more – balanced by an acceptable (for you) level of risk. Passports issued by one of the 27 members states of the European Union are valid for travel visa-free between all EU countries, as well as to a large number of third-countries with which the EU has bilateral agreements. An EU passport holder is a resident of one of the EU’s 27 member states who have the freedom to live, travel, study, and migrate throughout the EU. In some countries, such as the United States of America, birth is sufficient to acquire citizenship.

The EU does not automatically and unconditionally award citizenship to children born on their territory to foreign nationals. The most common requirement for citizenship through birth is that the parents must have resided in the country for some time prior to the birth of the child.

Citizenship by Investment (Antigua & Barbuda, Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia and Vanuatu)

business consultancy services in dubai

Citizenship and residence by investment (CBI/RBI) policies allow individuals to obtain citizenship or residency privileges for completely valid reasons through local investments or against a flat charge, although they can also be abused to hide assets offshore by escaping reporting under the OECD/G20 Common Reporting Standard (CRS). Identity Cards and other documentation obtained through CBI/RBI schemes have the potential to be abused to misrepresent an individual’s jurisdiction of tax residence and to endanger the proper operation of the CRS due diligence procedures.

Individuals are attracted to these programs for a variety of valid reasons, including the desire to establish a new business in the jurisdiction, more mobility through visa-free travel, improved education and career possibilities for children, and the desire to live in a stable nation. In parallel, market information and information received through the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) public disclosure facility highlight the abuse of CBI/RBI schemes to circumvent reporting under the CRS.

Residency, Business, Tourist & Student Visa Advisory for a wide range of countries

business consultancy services in dubai

The Netherlands is currently open to nationals and residents of the European Union and Schengen countries, as well as residents of third countries on the EU list. It is important to note that this list is subject to change in response to developments regarding Covid-19. The status of UK residents (British and non-British) has changed as the United Kingdom is no longer an EU country and therefore is subject to the EU entry ban. The Netherlands admits only a small number of people from countries under the EU entry ban (where it is possible to travel).

As global restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic ease, and in accordance with the President’s declaration regarding the resumption of safe international travel, the Bureau of Consular Affairs will focus on decreasing wait times for all consular services at our embassies around the world, while protecting the health and safety of employees and applicants. However, although local conditions or restrictions at individual consular posts may continue to fluctuate, the guidance for how consular services should be prioritized during the pandemic has been rescinded. Embassies and consulates have considerable latitude in determining how to prioritize visa appointments among the various visa classes in accordance with local conditions and limitations.

Personal Immigration to any country

business consultancy services in dubai

Individuals from outside the UK can enter or remain in the Kingdom for jobs, study, or family reasons through personal immigration. There is no question that the UK is a major force on the global stage, and every year, immigrants come in large numbers to contribute to its economic growth. By working closely with our clients, we guide them through the complexities of the UK immigration system so they can become part of this fast-paced, dynamic success story.

If you need to apply for a UK visa or appeal an immigration decision, our immigration barristers will provide competent legal guidance with a professional and supportive approach. We work directly with our customers, drawing on years of experience producing high-quality visa applications and successfully presenting appeals and judicial reviews in immigration courts. Provides an array of immigration visa services in Dubai, including visa documentation and issuance assistance for both individuals and businesses throughout the Emirates. Recognizing that every client’s needs are unique, we provide customized immigration law solutions to meet individual needs. Visa documentation and application is one of the most in-demand services handled by our dedicated and specialized team.

Provides an array of visa services in Dubai, including visa documentation and issuance assistance for both individuals and businesses throughout the Emirates. Recognizing that every client’s needs are unique, we provide customized immigration law solutions to meet individual needs. Visa documentation and application is one of the most in-demand services handled by our dedicated and specialized team.

Consultations in Dubai are conducted with a close relationship between our Visa consultants and clients from the very beginning to the final issuance. We provide visa processing and documentation services with great care and precision, which is reflected in our vast client base. We provide a wide range of visa services in Dubai and the UAE to help our clients from the beginning of their visa process to the end.

Citizenship & Naturalization Sponsorship

business consultancy services in dubai

In a nation, there is a relationship between an individual and a state to which the individual owes respect and is entitled to its protection. State governments decide under what conditions citizens can be recognized as citizens and under what conditions they can be revoked from citizenship.

As a general rule, citizens have three basic rights: a passport, the right to depart and return to their countries of citizenship, and the right to live and work in those countries. In some countries, citizens are permitted to hold multiple citizenships, while in others they must ascribe exclusively to one nation. The term “stateless” applies to someone without citizenship of any state, while “borderlander” refers to someone living on the border between states whose status is uncertain.

Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA, Form I-864, is a contract that an individual signs to promise to support the prospective immigrant named on the affidavit. Once the intending immigrant becomes a lawful permanent resident, the individual who signs the affidavit of support becomes the sponsor. Sponsors are typically the petitioners who filed immigration petitions on behalf of intending immigrants.

An affidavit of support is a legally binding agreement, and the sponsor’s commitment normally lasts until the family member or other individual becomes a US citizen or is credited with 40 quarters of work (usually 10 years). You
must submit your most recent federal income tax return from the United States, as well as proof of current work. Failure to deliver the tax return or papers indicating that you did not need to file will cause your relative’s
application for permanent residence to be delayed. An immigrant visa or adjustment of status will be rejected if this information is not given.

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