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It has been a legal requirement in the UAE Commercial Company since 2015 to keep adequate books of account for at least five years. Furthermore, Value Added Tax (VAT) is required in the UAE, and books of account must be kept for a period of five years.

It is necessary to assemble a multidisciplinary team of specialists that are well-versed in a wide range of transactions that necessitate advanced technical accounting and financial reporting analysis. In this sense, the following services are available:


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Tax services in Dubai

business consultancy services in dubai

Tax preparation is one of the most demanding tasks on the planet, and starting a business is a risky venture. The process becomes more complicated when dealing with overseas issues and international taxation rules. Businesses require a taxation plan to mitigate this. The tax strategy should be connected with the corporate strategy, in addition to incorporating tax planning and identifying tax risks. A corporate entity can compare its tax situation based on its demands by adopting a tax plan. Recognizing the benefits of a unified taxation system, the UAE has revamped its tax structure to make it more appealing to international investors and entrepreneurs. This was an important step for the UAE government, not only because it will help the country’s economy, but also because it will attract more businesses.

Accounting will also support management by providing insight into the company’s financial condition and assisting with tax filing. Intricate tax filing can be a genuine issue for a business, and it is critical to deal with it or else the company may be required to pay fines and penalties.

VAT Filing

business consultancy services in dubai

Individuals and enterprises that have registered for Value-Added Tax must present a record of tax paid on a quarterly or monthly basis. By submitting the e-returns on time, the company maintains good standing with the tax authorities. If you haven’t paid VAT, you should still file the return as Nil if your business is VAT registered. Most countries require VAT returns to be submitted within three months of receipt. VAT returns are filed online through the Federal Tax Authority of the United Arab Emirates’ official website. The e-services department provides online VAT return services.

VAT e-filing will be available on the Federal Tax Authority’s website in Dubai,, and the VAT return filing process will be totally online. Manual submissions will not be accepted. Businesses must file their tax returns online. In the e-services section, a VAT return filing option will be provided. It is suggested that the returns be filed once a quarter or once a month. Tax authorities may levy penalties if returns are not filed on time.

The VAT return is essentially a formal technique of reporting the VAT paid during a given period. It must be submitted in accordance with the documentation, ledgers, and financial statements. A value-added tax return is typically prepared to provide tax authorities with a summary of the tax. Return filings are required for auditing and enforcement operations. Return filings confirm that you are in compliance with your tax obligations. Individuals and enterprises that are VAT-registered are required to submit VAT returns every three months. The accountant’s or tax consultant’s primary task is to ensure that VAT requirements are followed. Through our accounting firm in Dubai, we can assist you with VAT registration, VAT returns, and VAT payment.

Regardless of the type of business you run, keeping your accounts organized is a must. As the UAE has grown in popularity as a business destination, more entrepreneurs and business owners are choosing Dubai as the location to develop their operations in the UAE. Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai provides you with more opportunities and opportunity for growth. When accounting tasks are in great demand, you can change the work you offer us; similarly, if the volume of your accounting chores decreases, you can re-negotiate your payment options and lower the service charges you pay to us, saving your firm money.

It’s difficult to keep track of everything and comply with so many regulatory obligations while simultaneously keeping up with the competition because each organization has various objectives at different times. As a result,
managing the accounting function becomes extremely difficult, which is why so many businesses today choose to outsource their accounting functions. Outsourcing accounting services in Dubai is a better and more profitable
option because it helps companies to expand greatly.

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