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Wealth Management & Financial Services

Our skilled advisors at Vision Business Consulting give trusted, independent financial advice to expatriates and international investors. We assist our clients to reach, and often exceed, their financial goals. We collaborate with them to develop, implement, and manage customized financial strategies and solutions to help them create, grow, and maximize wealth.

As a client of Vision Business Consulting, you will benefit from our comprehensive range of products, our market-leading technologies, our long-standing relationships with the world’s leading financial institutions, the fact that our partner associates are properly licensed and regulated, and that our advisers offer unbiased, unrestricted, independent advice, implying that they provide whole-of-market options. All of this provides clients with important security and peace of mind.

Vision Business Consulting’s overarching mission is to constantly help our clients, secure their financial objectives, as well as consistently exceed their expectations, by delivering a results-driven service. We offer the following Services:


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Wealth Management and financial services

business consultancy services in dubai

The concept of wealth management refers to the combination of investment advisory services with other financial products designed to cater to the needs of wealthy clients. Through a consultative process, the advisor gathers information about the client’s needs and circumstances, then tailors a financial strategy using a range of products and services.

In wealth management, holistic approaches are often used. An array of services may be provided for a client with complex needs, such as investment advice, estate planning, accounting, retirement planning, and tax planning. A client’s assets under management (AUM) is generally used as a basis for determining the fee structure for comprehensive ,wealth management services in Dubai.

Investment advice is only one component of wealth management. Investment advice is only one aspect of financial management. Rather than trying to integrate pieces of advice and products from multiple professionals, high net worth individuals may benefit more from an integrated approach. Using this approach, wealth management company in Dubai coordinate the services necessary to manage their clients’ assets, while also developing a strategy for current and future needs-such as wills and trusts and business succession plans.

Analysis of Your Risk Appetite

business consultancy services in dubai

An organization’s risk appetite can be defined as the amount of risk it is willing to take in pursuit of objectives that it deems valuable. A company’s appetite for risk may be characterized as its risk capacity or the greatest amount of residual risk it will handle after controls and other measures have been implemented. By contrast, risk tolerance is the deviation an organization is willing to accept from its risk appetite to achieve a specific objective, based on parameters including industry and vertical standards.

In the same way that risk appetite is determined by various factors, risk tolerance is also determined by these variables. But the level of risk tolerance that an organization accepts can vary from project to project, depending on factors such as the nature of the project and its timeframe and also included people experience. It is important to consider the probability of the risk and its impact in determining an organization’s risk appetite scale as standards, regulations, and accepted practices change over time. An organization’s risk priorities and focus can be driven by the probability and impact of its risks, and its appetite for risk can be determined by an analysis of the following parameters:

Understanding Your Goals and Needs

business consultancy services in dubai

The word goal refers to a big, overarching goal. Having a goal like “we want to reach 50% market share in two years” or “I want to compete in a triathlon within 18 months” doesn’t define how you will get there; it does not identify a strategy or provide the specific steps to accomplishing it. Defining a target is all it does.

Among the many ways you can work toward your broader goal is through specific, measurable objectives. We plan to introduce a new product in each market segment every six months to achieve our goal of achieving 50% market share in two years.” Or, “In order to reach my goal of completing a triathlon, I will hire a running coach to help me improve my cardio conditioning, pacing, and running technique.”

It is possible to slice the objectives into various tactics, such as researching customer needs, hiring additional engineers and product managers, and expanding production capacity to support making the new offerings. Objectives and goals are connected by strategy. Leaders and managers strive to create strategies and supporting actions that move the organization toward a common, overarching goal. Using our example above, for the firm to achieve a market share goal of 50% in two years, a strategy must be put in place, followed by actions that will be necessary to realize the strategy.

Recommending a Suitable Portfolio of Investments

business consultancy services in dubai

An investment portfolio is a collection of assets that may include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. Even though a portfolio is more of an idea than a physical space especially in the age of digital investing, it can be beneficial to coordinate your investments under one roof.

Every industry has its own language, and investing is no exception. In addition to that, we often hear people refer to their investments as “portfolios,” which means all their assets. While you should take the steps to simplify the process of building an investment portfolio, the process can be intimidating at first. Whatever your level of involvement with your investment portfolio, there’s a solution for you. The most important thing to consider when constructing a portfolio is your personal risk tolerance. In exchange for the possibility of earning higher investment returns, your risk tolerance is your ability to accept investment losses.

Although you may not want to build your own portfolio from scratch, you can still manage your money and invest without doing it yourself. While you may not want to build your own portfolio from scratch, you still can manage your money and invest without doing so yourself. Robo-advisors are an inexpensive alternative. Investment portfolios are built and managed based on your risk tolerance and overall goals.

Monitoring Investment Performance and Advice on Portfolio Rebalancing

business consultancy services in dubai

Changes in the market may require you to make changes to your investments. When stock prices go up or down, the percentage of assets in stock rises or falls equally, causing your portfolio to become out of balance. In a similar fashion, if your own circumstances change, you may want to reorient your assets.

You must compare the results of your investment to a benchmark in order to determine how well it has performed. A fund that invests only in stocks might be misleading when compared with a fund that invests in both stocks and bonds, or a fund that invests in large-cap stocks might be misleading when compared with a fund that invests in small-cap stocks. It would be like comparing apples to oranges, and the comparison would be meaningless.

Rebalancing your portfolio may be necessary after you perform your yearly portfolio review. Rebalancing your portfolio—buying and selling asset classes to restore your portfolio to its original target allocation is a key step in risk management. Basically, you will have to sell investments in the asset class that is doing well (and which now represents a larger portion of the overall value of your portfolio) and buy investments in the one out of favor. It may seem counterintuitive, but you’re actually taking profits from winning asset classes that have reached their peaks and investing in other asset classes that have tremendous upside potential. Essentially, you are purchasing low and selling high. You consider preserving and growing your family wealth to be of the utmost importance. Today’s dynamic business environment calls for a disciplined approach & rigorous diligence since making “that” right investment decision is imperative.

You consider preserving and growing your family wealth to be of the utmost importance. Today’s dynamic business environment calls for a disciplined approach & rigorous diligence since making “that” right investment decision is imperative.

In addition to having highly qualified professionals and veteran bankers, our company takes pride in what it does. In helping clients better manage and plan their wealth, our lead advisors have more than 100 man-years’ experience. In a fast-changing market, all of our efforts are directed towards finding untapped potential opportunities for our clients. Introducing a client-centric, highly customisable solution designed specifically for wealth management services that streamlines workflow and provides better insights. We let you know first so you can act first – allowing you to use your time more effectively at home and at work. The wealth advisory industry is highly competitive and rapidly changing, putting tremendous pressure on wealth advisors to find new ways to attract and engage clients.

To address these challenges head-on, our solution is tailored specifically for wealth management companies in Dubai, providing actionable insights in seconds so you can engage clients proactively and always be ready. The new flagship solution is designed on an open platform with cutting-edge technologies, fast, and light. This enables you to deliver expert advice by combining innovative apps and content. Taking the time to understand our clients’ goals and providing them with sophisticated global strategies that meet their objectives and make our solutions work for them not just today, but also for decades to come is at the heart of what we do.

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